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Our Story...

After spending years providing technical support to dissatisfied users of contact management and email outreach software, we decided to create a new system using open source software and web-based services. Five years later, after providing support to dozens of users, primarily in the small business and non-profit arena, we have commercialized the system for you.

EZinTouch.com is a new kind of company. Each new client becomes a partner in our quest to create one of the most cost-effective and simple, yet powerful and flexible contact management systems available.

After an in-depth survey of commercial CRM (customer relationship management) systems, donor management applications, and email marketing services, we have designed a system that consolidates some of the best elements of these systems into one simple product. Try out our system to see for yourself, for free!

How many contacts? Free accounts may hold up to 250 contacts. The highest volume accounts can manage up to 1 million contacts.
Cluster your contacts Organize them in new ways with an unlimited number of groups.
Customizable fields You will have dozens of customizable fields to label anyway you want to match your needs.
Track sales or fundraising Businesses and non-profits can use the system to track sales or fundraising outreach and success.
Advanced search options Search among up to three fields simultaneously with options like full or partial-word search strings as well as equal or not-equal and empty or non-empty search options. More complex seaches can be installed on a per-account basis in the form of "filters".
Sorting options You will be able to designate sort keys by up to four fields simultaneously.
Mail merge options Automatically generate well designed contact lists, email lists, and easy-to-print mailing labels without slow and complicated mail merges.
Online Registration Form Capture details about your constituents more efficiently with a pre-formatted online registration form. Or use our simple API to submit information into the database from other websites using the same form.
E-Newsletters + dynamically generated mailing lists Maintain an unlimited number of e-newsletters including automatically generated email lists with advanced subscribe and unsubscribe features, where no one will ever receive a duplicate email again.
Template driven e-newsletters Use our template system to generate html newsletters and communicate with your community in style.
Importing and Exporting Import and export in moments with our simple-to-use one click and multi-option wizards.
Scalability and Integration Curious about our API? Concerned about integration with your own systems? For a small fee we provide clients with direct access to the mySQL server that hosts their data. We also sell site licenses, so you can have direct access to the source code and run our system at your office.
Syncrhonization If you use Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL you can integrate your contact list with our system through Plaxo, a third party tool for synchronization. If you use Palm Desktop 4.1 or 4.1.4, we can provide you with our synchronization program for a small one time fee.
Multiple users Want muliple accounts to track edits and control who has access to what information? Send us an email describing your needs and we will configure your account accordingly for a modest fee.
Privacy Clients alone will have access to the information in their accounts. Your data is safe with us. None of your information will ever be sold or misused.
Licensing Companies and organizations wishing to use the EZinTouch system can license specific versions of the software for deployment on their own servers, permitting you to access and modify the source code.
Compatibility The web-based portion of EZinTouch is compatible with Internet Explorer versions 5, 6, and 7 as well as Firefox 1.5 and up.
Spam Users must have a strict opt-in policy for all email lists.
The technology We created the system using Linux, php, and mySQL.
Limited guarantee There is no service guarantee for free users. We encourage everyone to back up their databases regularly. Backups of the entire system are made daily for all other user accounts. Data can be restored in the case of accidental deletes for a modest fee.
Support Email support is available for all users, though it is prioritized for paying clients. Technical support on site, via phone, or through IM may also be possible on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, we have a technology team that can develop customized solutions for your company or organization at a reasonable price, building from the technology in this system. Please contact us for any support you may need at ezintouch@ezintouch.com
PricingGo here for pricing.